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Make Changes With Clipstone Beach Counselling

Life should be a beach!

I am a qualified and experienced therapist and counsellor, who specializes in working with people who are ready to make positive life changes. I believe each of us deserves to live our best beautiful life.

On this site you will find some information on the kind of counselling and therapy that Clipstone Beach Counselling provides, and what issues we can help you with.

Feel free to ask any questions, and get in touch to learn how to reach your full potential.

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What can therapy help with?

Your problems won't be identical to anyone else's, but the most common issues Clipstone Beach Counselling helps people with are:

Anxiety and stress

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It's getting too much to handle...

'Good' stress like the excitement or anticipation of a new job feels like a positive energy. Where it can get too much though is where that job starts to take over your life, where you worry and all the enjoyment disappears. Common triggers for feeling stressed or anxious can be life events like illness, redundancy, divorce and moving house - just one of those can be too much to handle.

Some types of therapy (like CBT) can teach you techniques to manage your thoughts, but person-centred therapy helps you look at ways of reducing your anxiety. 

Depression and grief

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It all seems grey...

We all have times in life where it doesn't seem to be much fun. Depression can often feel different - you might not be feeling much at all. If life is feeling grey then talking about it can explore how you could put the colours back.

Losing someone close to you can be a sad and unsettling time, and it can also be more complicated - the things you never said, or never sorted out, or what might change for you. We can also grieve over other losses; of pets, ways of life, our health and relationships for example, and counselling gives you space to look at these. 


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It's not just service veterans...

Clients often think that post-traumatic stress disorder only happens to people who have seen military service. This can be one source of trauma, but witnessing any situation where either you or someone you love is being harmed (or might be) also counts as 'trauma'

Research shows that trauma at a young age has an extra impact on our lives, because our brains are not mature enough to process it - if you witnessed domestic violence, neglect or sexual abuse over a long period as a child this can affect how you relate to the world. 

There is help though!

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Find out how we can help you

Want to hear more about how together we can transform your life? Contact us today to schedule an initial session - see where we work, ask questions, decide if we are a good fit for you.

Clipstone Village, Mansfield Nottinghamshire

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