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About Clipstone Beach

Clipstone is located not far from Sherwood Forest, about as far away from a beach as you can get in the UK. Clients tell us there is something about the sea though that makes them feel better; the sounds of the waves, the call of the gulls perhaps. How we associate the beach with good memories, freedom or doing things we love like messing around in boats or hunting for shells. 

Where it links to therapy is our view that counselling should be a positive, growthful experience where you can feel more like yourself, and find your own path through the dunes. 

When you visit you will find hints of the beach, of puffins and picnic blankets, and the sound of waves (or anything else you'd prefer) in the background. 

If you're ready for an initial consultation, please get in touch today.


Client views...

Thanks for helping me find my way, and take some steps of finding out who I am. You really have made me realise a lot about myself, the world today, that I'm worth something and it's ok that I feel the things I do. Thank you for not giving up on me."

Ms C., Nottinghamshire

Thanks for walking with me on this journey of exploration...for questioning my thoughts...for getting me to question too!

Mr T. Derbyshire


Who we are

Clipstone Beach is run by Sally Jones MBACP, who provides the counselling and focusing sessions. In time I hope to expand the practice in collaboration with other like-minded therapists.

Sunny Beach

Practical Things

Visiting in Person

If you prefer your therapy to be 'in person' then our building is:

  • easy to find - details provided when you book

  • easy to park - there is plenty of free parking close by

  • easy to get into - there are no steps, and we have indoor (no wet bum) parking for mobility scooters

  • discrete - there is no big sign on the door

We are doing our best to provide a virus-free environment:

  • Consulting room has openable windows and we can sit 3m apart

  • Client loo is sanitized every hour​, there are paper towels and hand gel freely available

  • All fabric and frequently touched surfaces are sprayed or wiped before each client

  • We can use face coverings if this makes you feel more relaxed

Online therapy

We offer video consultations if you prefer (or if it would be difficult to visit). Many clients enjoy the convenience of online working. 

However, some clients prefer to travel - you can talk about problems and 'leave them in the therapy room', and the quiet space travelling can be a good buffer between intense work and normal life.

Phone sessions

I do have clients who I have never seen - telephone therapy is one way of working that some clients find useful. 

Bear in mind though that this can be limiting if you are likely to be looking at traumatic events. I am normally monitoring how upset clients are, and will invite you to slow down if your body language tells me that you are getting too distressed - this is tricky if I can't see you! 

If you aren't sure what format is best for you then please ask - we can arrange whichever you prefer, and we can always alter it later if you decide.