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Things to not worry about

(You already worry enough)

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Be confident in choosing Clipstone Beach Counselling

There is very little legal regulation of therapists and counsellors in the UK at the moment. Your 'counsellor' might only have had a few weeks' training and have no qualifications - it can be hard to tell from their adverts!

Therapy can also be a vulnerable time too - you want to know that your therapist works ethically and respectfully. At Clipstone Beach these are things you don't have to worry about. 

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Everything you say in therapy is confidential, with two small exceptions. Legally if you tell me you are involved in money laundering or acts of terrorism I have to inform the authorities. Apart from that nothing you say goes any further without your permission.


I trained at Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in Nottingham, one of the leading organisations in the UK. I hold a Level 7 Master's Degree (MSc) and I am accredited by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). In the proposed 'SCoPEd' structure for comparing therapy services I would qualify to assist with the most complex of mental health issues.

I am also a Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), Complex Trauma Institute and the British Focusing Association. 

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I am regulated by the UKCP and BACP and abide by their codes of ethical practice. If you have any concerns about your therapy that we cannot resolve they can assist.

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