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Particular Interests

As a therapy practice we welcome you with whatever problems and issues you'd like to explore.

There are some areas though where we have special interests and expertise - some might resonate with you, but don't worry if they don't!

Image by Jenna Lee
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Trauma Recovery

Calming your inner lizard!

We like to think as humans that we are in control of our own bodies. Our brain likes us to think this, but really it is organising things behind our back!

Just as you don't have to remember to tell your heart to beat, or your kidneys to filter, your brain (especially the older, reptile bits of it) keep your body functioning and safe.

Upset your lizard brain though (particularly when it is little) and it can start to overreact, making you panic in tricky situations, 'blank out' or feel like you're falling apart. Your brain can be upset by anything where you felt scared (for you or someone close), were injured or invaded in some way. Violence, neglect, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, invasive medical treatment, accidents, war - the list of things that can upset your brain is a long one, and if you've suffered more than one you are much likelier to find it difficult to get over them. 

Modern trauma recovery doesn't ask you what frightened you, it doesn't insist that you re-live it, but it teaches your inner lizard brain to feel safer and readier to process what you've been through.

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