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"Focusing" training

A way of listening to yourself

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Have you ever had a feeling about a place or person, but you couldn't quite work out why? Or felt a 'gut instinct' or 'intuition' that feels right for reasons you can't explain?

Sometimes we experience things that we can't easily put into words (and that might sound odd if we said them out loud). We tend to brush off these experiences, because we have been taught to prioritise logic and thoughts.

Focusing is a way of re-learning to listen to those senses, because sometimes they tell us the truth. It was developed out of therapy research in the 1950's, and is now a worldwide community. 

It can be used as part of therapy, or just for curiosity and self-development. It can be used with other forms of expression 'Can you paint a picture of what that feeling might look like?' to increase the ways of communicating things.  

I have been practising focusing for three years, teaching other people how to access this way of listening, and acting as a 'sounding board' for things that might present themselves. I am in training with the London Focusing Institute and working towards registration with the The International Focusing Institute.

If you are interested in trying out or  learning how to focus or need a 'listener' to accompany you then please get in touch and book a session.

"Focusing" Training: About Me
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